Greenpeace - "Save California's Lifeblood"
credits: Antfood, Bennett Johnson
role: sound designer, mix

Dance Theater of Harlem - "Power on Pointe"
credits: Schloss Creative, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Wendell Pierce
role: composer, sound designer, mix

"Coach Pamz"
credits: All:Expanded, Bennett Johnson
role: sound designer
recognition: Shortlist: Cannes Young Director 2016, Honoree: 2017 Webby Awards - Sports Film

Nike - "Hypervenom"
credits: Antfood, Wieden + Kennedy, Buck
role: sound designer
recognition: AMP Award 2016 (Best Sound Design)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Teaser Campaign
credits: Eidos Montréal, Antfood
role: sound designer, voice actor, mix

TEDxPittsburgh - "Awaken"
credits: Covalent
role: composer, sound designer, mix


Sweet Pea - "Meet Sweet Pea"
credits: Zach Christy
role: sound designer, composer, mix

Ford - "The Takeoff"
credits: Bergen Films, Bennett Johnson
role: sound designer

TEDxCLE - "Untold"
credits: Shark and Minnow, Zach Christy
role: composer, sound designer, mix

Oberlin College - "How Will We Be Remembered?"
credits: Marian Wright Edelman, Oberlin Office of Communications, Zach Christy
role: sound designer, mix

Selected UX/UI Work:

LumenEd's "Bright Orange Box" is a tactile and robust smart projector built for classroom-- regardless of geography or level of infrastructure. The device's sonic aesthetic is serious yet playful, helping foster a sense of exploration and adventure. 

Press: Huffington PostOberlin College

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Please see here for my work in sound designing installations, and composing film scores.