Selected Film Work:

Greenpeace Save California's Lifeblood (With Antfood)

Coach Pamz

Oberlin College How Will We Be Remembered? (Feat. Marian W. Edelman)

TEDxCLE Untold

Nike Hypervenom (With Antfood)

Ford The Takeoff


Dance Theater of Harlem Power on Pointe (Feat. Neil DeGrasse Tyson)

Breakup Buddy The Puppet

Selected UX/UI Work:

LumenEd's "Bright Orange Box" is a tactile and robust smart projector built for classroom-- regardless of geography or level of infrastructure. The device's sonic aesthetic is serious yet playful, helping foster a sense of exploration and adventure. 

Press: Huffington PostOberlin College

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Please see here for my work in sound designing installations, and composing film scores.